Romain Leleu Sextet

Ten years on the road for Romain Leleu and the Convergences ensemble, playing festivals and at other prestigious events accross the world. Ten years of trumpet and string quintet joining sounds and creating chemistry with a revisited and exclusive repertoire, between formal and folk music. On its tenth anniversary, and after over 500 shows, the Convergences ensemble becomes the Romain Leleu Sextet. A unique group in the musical landscape, the Romain Leleu sextet combines the trumpet with a string quintet, composed of inquisitive and bold chamber musicians who come from great French orchestras.  Spontaneous, the musicians offer, depending on their artistic sensibility and desires, an original repertoire of transcriptions, from baroque music to film scores and even contemporary creations. Thus renewing the classical recital formula, without any style or time barrier, their programme breathes new life into the range of the trumpet and its variations, enhancing the instrument’s possibilities : roundness, flexibility and radiance of the timbre. The group is committed to keep meeting all types of audiences, offering them a repertoire of many influences, filtered through brand new arrangements by Manuel Doutrelant.
A regular guest of the greatest festivals such as the Colmar international festival, the « Folle Journée » in Nantes, Festivals of Auvers sur Oise, Saint-Denis, Périgord Noir, Sully, Chambord and the Loiret, laVézère, Menton, The « Flâneries Musicales » in Reims, the Sacred art festival in Antibes, the « Festival des Forêts », the Festival of Musical « Grands Crus » , the « Classique au Vert »Festival in Paris, or other famous Parisian venues like the Folies Bergère or Gaveau Hall, the Romain Leleu sextet performs around the world ( Belgium, Switzerland, the UK, Algeria, Italy, Morocco, Bulgaria, Russia, Lebanon, Turkey, Mexico and so on…) and regularly sets out to discover new audiences, also conducting educational activities in favour of audiences to whom music is less accessible, raising awareness of the universality of music and its language. Their first album Sur la Route (On the Road ) was released in 2013 on Aparté/ Harmonia Mundi and received rave reviews both from critics and audiences. It is one of the best-selling current classical albums. The group’s second album – Inspirations , released in August 2016 on Aparté/ Harmonia Mundi – was in turn equally able to convince both press and public. This programme will have been performed over a hundred times since its premiere, following an innovative album release held in Paris at the Alhambra in 2016. Inspirations was namely selected by French prominent FIP music radio as part of its ideal record collection of must-have albums «Discothèque idéale de FIP : Les albums indispensables ». Throughout the 2018-19 season, the ensemble was on tour in Russia (« Folle Journée » in Ekaterinburg), the UK (London), Lebanon (Baabdath Festival), Italy, Bulgaria, gave an extensive series of concerts and played many festivals in France.2020 is teeming with new projects and is the start of the group’s ten year celebration. Coming up is their new album, Face to Face, along with its concert tour accross France and the world.The Romain Leleu Sextet is supported by Spedidam and the Bureau Export.
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What a magical concert!

Sud Ouest

A heterogeneous blend that surprises by its unity.


At first this release strikes us by the diversity of the repertoire
but also by the excellent transcriptions done by Manuel
Doutrelant. Leleu shows us that the trumpet can be
just as virtuoso as a violin or a piano. The choice of the instrumentation
is on the spot and clever. The string quintet
produces a homogeneous sound base that lets the trumpeter
the freedom to express himself. Leleu is a musician
whose musical intelligence is renowned and the sound that
he produces is of great fineness, seldom heard nowadays.
His playing is simple, versatile but at the same time precise
and rhythmic.


The result is striking : the trumpet and the strings converse
in a perfect equilibrium.


Ranging from a sunny bossa nova to energetic Romanian
dances, the musicians, Romain Leleu a renowned trumpeter
and the ensemble Convergences gave a varied and touching

Le Parisien


Romain Leleu

Trumpet and artistic direction

Guillaume Antonini


Alphonse Dervieux


Manuel Doutrelant


Caroline Boita 


Philippe Blard